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4 Common Asphalt Surface Repair Strategies

by | Sep 15, 2019

As asphalt pavement is used and ages, it naturally wears down and develops areas of damage, requiring routine maintenance and repair. Early on, these repairs are generally minor, consisting of relatively simple repair work like patching, crack filling, and scheduled sealcoating. But as the surfaces ages, depending on the situation, more involved repair techniques may be needed.

#1. Surface Patching

Surface patching involves filling over and repairing damaged asphalt or potholes to a depth of only one or two inches. It’s a fast and affordable solution for minor issues, but generally only a temporary one as the patch alone doesn’t address underlying issues that caused the damage in the first place.

Unfortunately, asphalt patching is only a good option if the underlying base is stable and in good repair, and it shouldn’t be used to correct larger areas of damage.

#2. Peel and Pave

Asphalt removal and replacement (a peel and pave) is a more complete solution than surface patching. That works for larger areas than patching, but not areas that are too large. The affected pavement areas are cleanly sawn away from the rest of the lot and then pulled away down to the existing subbase using heavy machinery. Once the damaged area is clear, the area is cleanly repaved with a smooth surface with around 10 times the expected lifespan of a patch.

#3. Milling and Paving

Milling is a different process that works best for very large areas or entire asphalt parking lots. Special equipment is used to grind up the old, damaged asphalt down to a specific depth. The ground up material is then trucked away to be recycled as brand new asphalt is smoothly set down.

#4. Full Depth Repair

Sometimes the issues plaguing an asphalt surface extend through the pavement and into the subbase—if not deeper. If the subbase material is being damaged by the weight of traffic the asphalt and sub base may need to be removed and repaired together, resulting in a thicker, full-depth asphalt layer that improves the pavement’s long term strength and durability.

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