Why You Should Repave Your Apartment Parking Lot

As a property manager, you know how important it is to both make a great first impression and keep your tenants happy (so they continue to choose renting at your apartment complex). When it comes to property management, you need to remember that the first impression...

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Save Money with Fall Asphalt Maintenance

Preventative maintenance in the fall reduces the risk you’ll be facing major problems when our West Michigan winter (and all the snow it brings) hits us in the upcoming months! Now, as you do seasonal inspections on your property—and you absolutely should be doing...

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Tips for Keeping Paving Costs to a Minimum

No matter if you have one business property, manage a portfolio of different properties, or simply own a home and properly maintain it, you will want to keep paving costs to a minimum. It’s only natural, after all, to want to keep any costs to a minimum. Now, we can’t...

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5 Characteristics of a Quality Paving Job

You shouldn’t trust your parking lot paving job to just anyone. After all, your lot is what greets customers visiting your property, and you want to make a powerful first impression. Beyond aesthetic appeal, the lot also needs to be safe for visitors. It’s easy to...

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Parking Lot Cleaning Tips

We’ve previously discussed the importance of maintaining your parking lot, which includes sealcoating, keeping an eye out for standing water, and repairing damaged pavement. Another essential component of optimal lot maintenance is to keep it clean. Today, let’s take...

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What is Asphalt Milling?

Depending on your project, traditional gravel might be a possible consideration. As with anything in life, there are pros and cons with using gravel. When weighing them out, if the “cons” list is getting a little long, it might be time to consider asphalt millings as...

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Sealcoating is More Than Just Looks

Beauty may only be skin deep, but a nice-looking sealcoat job for your home’s driveway or business’ parking lot is more than just a matter of appearances. A good sealcoating protects the asphalt and will save you thousands of dollars over time! Saving money is...

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