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6 Steps You Should Take To Keep Your Parking Lot Safe

by | Sep 7, 2018

Parking lots face an incredible level of use and abuse, especially here in Michigan where roadways experience hot, bright summers and freezing, snowy winters. But as your pavement ages there are steps you need to take to make sure that the surface remains safe for both drivers and pedestrians to use.

1. Refresh your Parking Stripes

We’re not called Stripe-A-Lot for nothing! Clear, brightly painted parking stripes reinforce the lots’ use and help ensure that everyone using it knows the lots’ layout and use at a glance. They make it easier for drivers to park safely in clearly-marked spots and make it easier for pedestrians to navigate to safe areas.

Unfortunately parking stripes fade over time as a result of UV exposure and weathering, and when they become too dim they’ll need to be repainted by a reputable paving company with the proper materials and equipment.

2. Maintain Proper Lighting in the Parking Lot

Parking lots should not be overly lit (as this uses energy and contributes to light pollution), but providing a minimum amount of illumination is a good step. The light will help discourage shady characters and give any pedestrians much more confidence and visibility if they happen to be crossing the lot in the evening or early morning.

3. Set Pedestrian Walkways

Depending on the level of use and traffic on your lot, pedestrian walkways can be a great solution. They divide up the space and give pedestrians safe areas travel within, while simultaneously keeping foot traffic out of the paths of vehicles so drivers are free to navigate the lot much more quickly and smoothly. These walkways can be painted or paved in a different material to divide them from the rest of the space.

4. Direct Your Traffic Flow

When parking lots are designed without a clear flow or explicit traffic direction, it creates confusion and uncertainty with drivers cutting through in several directions and risking low-speed collisions. Directional arrows and illustrations painted on the ground help streamline this flow and keep traffic moving smoothly, predictably, and safely.

5. Maintain Your Asphalt!

When asphalt or any other paving surface is allowed to deteriorate it poses a serious hazard to employees, guests, and visitors whether they’re on foot or driving. Deep cracks, potholes, unstable crumbling surfaces, and more can all make travel that much more dangerous—especially for the elderly or those with disabilities.

Fortunately these signs of damage are all repairable, especially if you catch them early on.

6. Limit Driving Speed 

Reckless driving happens, whether a motorist is simply being casual, careless, or happens to be running late for work. Limiting lot speed makes the area far safer for everyone, and can be accomplished with speed bumps, changing the layout and traffic flow, or adding simple signage.

If you’re a business owner who wants to maintain your parking lot, keeping it safer for employees and guests, you need the services of a high-quality, reputable paving contractor. Stripe-A-Lot has been providing these services and more to a wide range of West Michigan individuals, organizations, and businesses since 1986. We’re always happy to answer whatever questions you might have or provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate. Just call today!

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