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Asphalt for Fast, Low-Disruption Paving

by | Sep 28, 2018

Concrete or asphalt? It’s a question that’s investigated often by homeowners, business leaders, and property managers. But in one area in particular, asphalt offers a commanding advantage over its foremost competitor: curing time. 

Proven Advantages

While concrete requires three to seven days before it’s used, in order to cure and gain full strength, asphalt is ready for painting and use by traffic immediately after it is compacted and cooled. 

Accordingly, using asphalt rather than concrete slashes construction time. This allows both large and small projects to be completed far more rapidly and smoothly, with less overall disruption to the homes, businesses, or organizations the pavement is serving. In fact, according to one state highway study, crews using asphalt are able to place ten times the amount of pavement when compared to concrete. That means a project requiring ten days of 24 hour labor to put down concrete could instead be finished in just a few days of standard eight or ten hour shifts. 

Ideal for Local Projects

Because asphalt can be set down much more quickly, it is likewise possible to schedule the paving of driveways, access roads, and parking lots to take advantage of low-traffic periods like nights, weekends, or holidays. Because these driving surfaces are typically used on a daily basis, this off-hour paving strategy (compared to entire days of low or no use for concrete) dramatically reduces the disruption to local traffic, employees, or visitors. 

With proper preparation and scheduling, employees can leave a business on Friday and come back to a perfectly smooth, black, ready-to-use lot on Monday morning without a single traffic cone in sight.

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