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7 Common Myths About Asphalt

Asphalt is a popular and effective option for paving and works well in countless situations, from commercial parking lots to residential driveways and everything in between. But there are some persistent misconceptions about asphalt held by the general public, and we...

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Concrete or Asphalt for West Michigan Driveways?

West Michigan driveways face nonstop wear and tear, both from daily vehicle traffic and a wide range of temperature and weather conditions season after season. But, despite these demanding conditions, you still find both asphalt and concrete driveways all across West...

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Good Drainage Matters

When properly planned and executed, asphalt has potential as an outstanding decades-long solution for both drivers and pedestrians. Nevertheless a variety of conditions may conspire to shorten this lifespan and trigger the premature aging and failure of the asphalt...

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Will Rock Salt and Deicer Damage Your Asphalt?

Winter driving in Michigan can be an adventure. Thankfully, property managers and public authorities are quick to deploy precautions including salt, sand, and de-icing products. Along with plowing, these steps help to keep roads clear so vehicles and pedestrians have...

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Can We Pave Asphalt In The Winter? How About Rain?

Asphalt paving companies are frequently approached about the best dates and times for different projects—especially when the days start cooling down or the weather turns. And our answers are simple: It’s always best to pave asphalt during warmer weather, NOT during...

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What is Crack Routing?

Take a look at your local asphalt parking lot and chances are you’ll find a variety of differently sized and shaped cracks that have formed due to weather, time, or other variables. But all of these cracks have one thing in common: they allow air and moisture to...

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Asphalt for Fast, Low-Disruption Paving

Concrete or asphalt? It’s a question that’s investigated often by homeowners, business leaders, and property managers. But in one area in particular, asphalt offers a commanding advantage over its foremost competitor: curing time.  Proven Advantages While concrete...

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6 Steps You Should Take To Keep Your Parking Lot Safe

Parking lots face an incredible level of use and abuse, especially here in Michigan where roadways experience hot, bright summers and freezing, snowy winters. But as your pavement ages there are steps you need to take to make sure that the surface remains safe for...

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