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Four Threats Facing Your Asphalt

Asphalt is tough enough to hold up under constant use for decades at a time, and flexible enough to roll with Michigan’s constantly changing conditions and temperatures. But, of course, asphalt doesn’t last forever and there are plenty of conditions waiting in the...

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Why Asphalt Is the Ideal Choice for Bicycle Paths

Bicycle paths are an amazing choice for communities interested in improving local value and giving residents a clean, efficient option for exercise and recreation in their own backyards. They are appreciated by a wide range of demographics, and if developed properly...

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Making the Most of Your Asphalt’s Life Cycle

Just like the vehicles that use it, asphalt depreciates over time. But unlike those vehicles, asphalt receives no protection from the elements and early signs of damage can frequently be overlooked, leading to far more drastic and expensive fixes once the damage had...

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4 Reasons to Repair Your Potholes Early this Spring 

Pothole season has arrived with freezing temperatures and thick snow slowly giving way to warmer temperatures and blue skies—and revealing extensive pavement damage across West Michigan. These potholes can result from a variety of underlying causes, or simply develop...

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How Thick Should Your Asphalt Be?

The thickness and structure of an asphalt paving project ultimately depends on the anticipated use of the pavement once it is finished. But there’s more involved, as asphalt pavement involves an entire structure and few critical decision making points involving...

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7 Common Myths About Asphalt

Asphalt is a popular and effective option for paving and works well in countless situations, from commercial parking lots to residential driveways and everything in between. But there are some persistent misconceptions about asphalt held by the general public, and we...

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Concrete or Asphalt for West Michigan Driveways?

West Michigan driveways face nonstop wear and tear, both from daily vehicle traffic and a wide range of temperature and weather conditions season after season. But, despite these demanding conditions, you still find both asphalt and concrete driveways all across West...

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Good Drainage Matters

When properly planned and executed, asphalt has potential as an outstanding decades-long solution for both drivers and pedestrians. Nevertheless a variety of conditions may conspire to shorten this lifespan and trigger the premature aging and failure of the asphalt...

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