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Driveway Resurfacing Service in Holland, MI

by | Oct 10, 2019

Is your current driveway in pretty good shape structurally, but starting to show its age? Resurfacing may be a good option to give the surface a clean, refreshed look and smooth feel, while extending its lifespan.

Affordable Driveway Resurfacing

In the simplest terms, resurfacing a driveway involves laying down a layer of 1-2” of asphalt over top of an old, worn asphalt drive. This new layer can help correct structural damage and provide a new, fresh layer to stand up against sun, snow, and moisture. The top of the drive may also need to be adjusted in order to create a level transition between your garage and drive itself. 

Resurfacing has its advantages too. It’s a thick, durable solution. It can be done quickly, in a variety of seasons and weather conditions, and it doesn’t involve much, if any, demolition work.

But Resurfacing Isn’t Always the Right Option

Numerous, spreading alligator cracking or pothole formation signals that a driveway has degraded beyond the point where it can simply be resurfaced. This is because the resurfaced layer is only as good as its foundation. If the existing pavement layers below are severely damaged, those cracks or slumps will rapidly reflect upwards through the new layer, causing it to fail far faster than normal in the exact same pattern. That will put you right back where you started.

If this is the case, your driveway should be repaved instead. Once all the old asphalt is removed using heavy machinery and the base layers are compacted and graded, a new layer of pavement can be installed free of any of the lingering issues impacting the old pavement layer.

What’s the Right Scope of Work For You?

Asphalt driveways have a lot to offer customers in West Michigan, but it can be understandably difficult to decide on the best repair or maintenance solution for your situation. That’s why West Michigan homeowners turn to Stripe A Lot for expert opinions and fast, affordable, high quality asphalt service. 

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