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5 Ways Potholes Are Harmful

by | Sep 25, 2019

Potholes are so much more than an annoyance to drivers and property owners alike. They are a direct threat to the safety of vehicles and pedestrians, and they should be carefully monitored and promptly repaired in order to keep roads, drives, and parking lots safe and functional. 

Here are 5 ways potholes can be harmful to your vehicle and even to you directly.

#1. Damaged Tires

At best, hitting a pothole causes wear and tear to the tire material, and at worst it can shred and flatten the tire outright. You may also experience dented aluminum rims if the pit is deep enough, and the repairs (and inconvenience) add up.

#2. Steering Misalignments

The force of dropping in to a pothole can be jarring. But remember that all that impact is focused on only one out of four tires, and this blow can easily pull a steering system out of alignment, causing a noticeable and annoying ‘pull’ to your steering.

#3. Undercarriage Damage

Depending on your vehicle and the depth of the pothole, you may experience undercarriage scraping as you drop in and out. Given how many important vehicle components are accessible from the underside of your vehicle, even one impact can rip open important vehicle systems, leading to expensive repair work.

#4. Twisted Ankles—Or Worse

Potholes are just as dangerous to pedestrians as they are to vehicles. Consider how many of your patrons or employees may be on their cell phones with their eyes up, or may have mobility issues and fragile bones. Potholes present an unexpected obstacle that can easily end in sprains, scrapes, or even broken bones. 

#5. Potholes Spread

Whatever their original cause, potholes open up pavement to moisture penetration, which will wear away at the pavement and the layers below. Even in the summer, without the devastating freeze-thaw cycles of winter, potholes will naturally spread and break up more and more of the lot until they are fully corrected.

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