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How to Get Ready for Line Striping

by | Jun 18, 2019

A general rule is that parking lots should be re-striped whenever the markings have faded to about one fourth of the original color. This point often comes around two years of regular use, although lots that experience a high volume of traffic or difficult environmental conditions can absolutely fade more quickly. 

Fortunately, professional line striping services have specialized equipment available to deliver a far better looking result, in much less time, compared to DIY hand striping! This minimizes the disruption to your business or facility and guarantees a professional result that complies with any relevant regulations.

So, if you’re due for a line striping appointment, how should you best prepare?

Inspect the Lot. Do you need Other Maintenance?

Striping over cracks and potholes is counterproductive, as repairing the damage will cover over your new markings. If you need crack filling, pothole repair, drain repair, or sealcoating service, it’s best to have the work done first, followed by professional lane striping.

Sweep the Surface

Remove sand or loose gravel prior to the appointment. You can use a shop broom or save time with a gas powered leaf blower.

Shut down your Sprinklers and Check the Weather

The lot needs to be dry for striping, so make sure any irrigation systems are shut down the day before the appointment and be prepared for delays if rain threatens. For best results, the pavement should be completely dry for 24 hours before and after the process. 

There may also be temperature limitations, depending on the products used.

Clear the Lot

Let any customers, employees, or residents know the lot is scheduled for striping and will be unavailable for use. Depending on your situation you may need to recommend alternate parking locations, or call a towing service to remove any vehicles that remain or which cannot be moved under their own power.

Break Out Cones and Set Up Traffic Barriers

You’ll need to keep vehicles out of the lot before, during, and after the process, until the paint is dry. Consider asking volunteers to monitor the lot and set up ample, clear signage and barriers to alert and safely block drivers.

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