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Improving Parking Lot Safety

by | Oct 21, 2019

Did you know that one in five vehicle collisions take place in parking lots? Or that 10% of all property crimes take place in parking lots or garages?

The places where we park our vehicles can be surprisingly dangerous for a myriad of reasons that represent a hazard to employees and patrons, and a potential source of liability for property owners and managers.

Fortunately, there are a number of simple best practices that can radically improve the overall safety of local parking lots, including the following:

  • Install signs indicating traffic direction, authorized use, and pedestrian crossings
  • Keep all pavement markings fresh and highly visible, including directional arrows, lanes, parking positions, and pedestrian areas
  • Ensure the area is sufficiently lit, ideally with high intensity, high efficiency LEDs
  • Minimize two way lanes and convert traffic flow to single direction whenever possible
  • Keep your pavement surface smooth and well maintained, limiting vehicle damage from potholes or painful pedestrian trip-and-fall accidents
  • Grade the lot and make sure drainage systems are kept flowing to avoid puddles or ice formation during rough weather
  • Keep lots ice free using deicers and plowing during snowy or icy conditions
  • Consider speed bumps or parking stops to slow and control vehicle motion around your property

How can Stripe A Lot Help?
Stripe a Lot has the team, equipment, and experience to handle all asphalt paving, striping, and repair work here in West Michigan, including patching, sealcoating, drainage, and crack or pothole repair. It is our mission to keep your parking lots and driveways looking and performing their best, resulting in a smooth and reliable surface that minimizes accidents and keeps business moving as usual.

To learn more about our professional asphalt paving and repair work, or to schedule an appointment, please contact our team today at 616-772-2558.

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